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We Provide native Android Mobile App to Schools, Colleges or Universities…

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Customized Mobile App for School & Colleges

We provide customize mobile apps for schools and colleges. Mobile apps are published with the name and logo of school, so that it should behave like the  personal identity of school.

With the experience of more than 5 years, we are serving the society and the different schools. We provide complete mobile app for schools & colleges with more than 12 modules like attendance, notice board, report card, gallery, etc. It is a complete ERP application for the school and colleges.

Looking for School Management Solution..??

Key features of Educational App



Parents will be able to check the attendance of their ward. You can send SMS to absent students.


Notice Board

Each and every notice will be online. So that there should not be any delay in informing.



No need to write/check dairies of students. You can also send homework via SMS.

Progress Report

Every test will be analyzed critically; they will be able to know their position with marks (subject wise).


Parents will be able to access the status of fees of their ward. Pay fees online feature. Parents can pay fees from mobile applications.


This is incorporated with the gallery section; in which different albums of activities/events can be uploaded.



List of holidays, planned functions, activities, events, etc will be available online.



News of every event, activity, function, etc can be shown here. It will update the parents about the activities of the school.

Social Network

This is also incorporated with the social networks. School’s Facebook page will be able to access from the same app.

Shining Star

School will be able to show your shining star. Name of the student, his photo and small description will be there.

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